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Door Replacement

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Get a quick quotation from Commercial Door Repair most reliable, trusted & professional windows & doors experts today!

Commercial Door replacement and Repair specialists. We provide quality window and door solutions for both residential and commercial premises. We also provide custom security screens and equipment. We will find a solution to suit your home and budget. Door Replacement

Commercial Door Repair & Door Replacement Company have been proudly servicing Toronto for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor solutions to individual requests.

Commercial Door Repair & Door Replacement Company has been helping homeowners, with the beautification of their homes since 1986. 

Get a quick quotation from Commercial Door Repair most reliable, trusted & professional windows & doors experts today!

Update your property with a modern front door

Aluminium framed entry doors automatically add style to your property, whether residential or commercial. It’s easy to see why this type of modern front door has become so popular — it’s sleek, attractive, and about as low-maintenance as a high-quality doors can get. While timber doors require regular staining and painting, aluminium front doors are weatherproof and will retain their good looks over time.

Moreover, our front doors, which are available in a range of powder coated colours, complement a wide variety of homes and buildings. No wonder they’re becoming the entryway of choice across Ontario!

A front door with glass panels front door replacement toronto

If you want an extra welcoming look for your home, why not consider a front door with glass panels? This will give your property a fresh, contemporary look and bring more natural light into your living space.

Entrance doors with glass come in a variety of designs and patterned glass panels can be added for architectural interest. The glass is customisable, and there is a range of options for thermal and acoustic insulation. Let us know your needs, and we’ll help you choose a glass front door that’s right for you.

Secure entrance doors with glass

Strong, robust, and with heavy-duty hinges, all of our aluminium entry doors give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is safe and sound. And in case you’re wondering, we use toughened glass in our glass front doors, ensuring maximum safety, security, and durability at all times.

Front door replacement

Are you thinking of smartening up the exterior of your home or commercial property? Front door replacement is a good place to start. For a quality door that will stand the test of time, an aluminium framed door is an excellent option. If you’re not sure what kind of modern entry door to choose, contact us today. We’ll explain our range which includes entrance doors with glass and other options.


At Commercial Door Replacement in Toronto, we supply, install and repair a range of glass and security doors for Ontario residents. We are a locally owned and operated company with a commitment to high quality craftsmanship and excellence in customer service.


Commercial Door Replacement makes the highest quality custom and ready-made doors produced locally, right in our factory in Toronto. We manufacture a range of glass doors and security doors, including:

  • Sliding glass doors
  • Hinged doors
  • Security doors and screens
  • Shower doors and screens
  • Stacking sliding doors
  • Patio doors

Our range of vantage doors is perfect to suit your practical and aesthetic needs. Sliding doors are gaining popularity in Toronto because they are adaptable, flexible and attractive.

Hinged doors, like French and bi-fold, can give your entrance a classic look and feel with a more modern technology. Stacking sliding doors allow you to really take advantage of your surroundings and limited space.

Our shower doors and screens will complete the look of your bathroom décor by adding a functional and stylish aspect. And even our security doors and flyscreens, made of Aluminium, come in a range of styles that keep you and your family safe from intruders. We can provide you with new doors with a 10 day turnaround.


Not only will we supply you with the door that perfectly suits your needs, we’ll also provide a customized installation. Installation only takes a few hours! Allow us to come and measure the site of the door, provide honest and friendly tips and advice about which door would best suit your needs, and once we’ve manufactured or supplied a customized glass or security door or screen, one of our experts will carry out the seamless installation. All of our doors are made to suit any size opening.


Commercial Door Replacement is there when you need us. In case of emergency including a broken glass door, we can be there any time of the day or night. Our emergency glass repair services in Toronto are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll not only repair and replace the broken glass, but we’ll also leave your site spotless so that no one is hurt by stray shards of glass and you feel safe and comfortable in your home.

We also provide door repairs on all of our security doors and screens.


Commercial Door Replacement today on 5555555 for ready-made door supply, installation and repairs in Toronto, Ontario.


Bi-fold doors are a great solution for opening up indoor spaces or closing off outdoor spaces. They are also great for entertainment areas providing easy access between indoor and outdoor areas as well as making spaces feel bigger. Aluminium bi-fold doors are a commercial product that is durable and built to last. Bi-fold doors also provide a wider opening for moving larger items such as furnishings and maximize the viewable area.


French doors or Hinge doors provide a timeless and elegant solution to a renovated or newly built home. French doors have the ability of bringing the outdoors in by providing a picturesque view from the inside out. They are highly functional because they can be built to almost any size and can made in a range of materials such as aluminium, timber or uPVC. At Commercial Door & Windows Replacement we can create a classical door of any size or shape to suit your needs.


At Commercial Door & Windows Replacement and door glass repair Toronto we understand how precious the valuable items stored in your home are and we know how important it is for you to keep them safe. That is why we are proud to offer an extensive range of high quality security doors. Security doors have now become a necessity around the home. As a multifunctional fixing, security doors allow fresh air to circulate without the annoyance of pests; they allow a safety barrier between the householder and outsiders and can be customized with pet doors. There are a variety of security meshes to choose from depending on the level of protection you require. Some of these include; fly screen mesh, one way steel mesh and the Crimsafe mesh. Security doors can also be made to suit the colour scheme of your home and the size of your opening.


Sliding doors are a modern and practical solution to opening up and maximizing room space. They allow easy access between the indoors and outdoors as well as maximizing the viewable area. Sliding doors can come in a range of materials including aluminium, timber and uPVC. They can be made to match the colour theme in your home and can be customized to suit any opening. At Door Replacement we have a specialized team dedicated to installing, replacing or repairing your sliding door.


Stacking doors are the modern solution to opening up living areas without taking up any valuable space. The stacking door is the ultimate solution to maximizing space between indoor and outdoor areas. The main advantage of the stacking door is that all the movement is kept within the frame. Stacking doors provide an uninterrupted view from inside or out. They can be customized to suit many openings, and the aluminium stacking doors come in a variety of colours.

What are the different types of Commercial Doors?

Hollow-metal doors - Galvanized steel doors - Fiberglass doors - Glass doors - Overhead doors - Roll-up doors - Wooden doors.

What size is a typical commercial door?

The Canadian building codes require commercial building doors to have a minimum width of 32 inches and a maximum width of 48 inches, with a few exceptions. Rooms in medical facilities are required to be a minimum of 41.5 inches wide. average door width is 36 inches, and the average door height is 80 inches.

What are the names parts of Commercial doors?

Door Closers - Panic Bar Systems - Continuous Geared Aluminum Hinge - Commercial Door Threshold - Weatherstripping and Commercial Door Sweeps - Commercial door pivots - Surface Hinges for Commercial Door - Replacement Wheels for Commercial Applications.

How much it cost to Replace a Commercial door?

The average cost to Replace an Exterior Commercial door start from $420 to $1,688. Front door replacement costs start from $505 to $1,990. and garage, side, and back door installations are start from $488 to $1340 on average. Exterior door prices average start from $200 to $800, while labor costs to install an exterior door is $330 to $1,300.

Types of doors we repair

Commercial Door Repair Ontario is the best Commercial doors repair provider around, and we can fix all door styles and materials. Contact us for:

  • Entry doors repair
  • Wood doors repair
  • Glass doors repair
  • Aluminum door repair
  • Metal door repair
  • Hollow door repair
  • Interior door repair
  • Screen doors repair
  • Sliding glass doors repair
  • Sliding barn doors repair
  • Pocket doors repair
  • Storm doors repair
  • Patio doors repair
  • Security doors repair
  • Fire doors repair
  • French doors repair
  • Closet doors repair
  • Bifold doors repair

No matter what type of interior or exterior doors repair you need for your Office or Commercial property, Commercial Doors repair Ontario is your best option. Let us know how we can help.

Types of window and door problems we can fix

We can repair practically any type of issue you’re having with your Commercial doors and windows, including:

  • Foggy/condensation between panes
  • Water leaking through window
  • Rotten, warped or cracking wood
  • Window needs to be propped open
  • Window is difficult to open/close
  • Window has been painted shut
  • Off-center installation
  • Torn window screen
  • Missing or broken drip cap
  • Sliding door has bent track
  • Sliding door wheels are misaligned
  • Sliding or entry door locks are difficult/broken
  • Dirty, broken or rusted door rollers
  • Door sticks in upper corner
  • Screws or other door hardware are loose
  • Interior door won’t stay closed
  • Door won’t latch (strike plate misaligned)
  • Broken pulleys
  • Broken glass
  • Broken sash
  • Broken muntins or mullions

24 Hour Emergency Door Repair Service

Door and Glass Company offers door repair and glass replacement services in the Toronto GTA Ontario area


We offer all your door needs from on-site door repair

    Commercial Door Repair Ontario

    Commercial Front Door Replacement Company

    Glass Repair And Replacement

    We specialize in window installation and repair services

    Our door repair experts in the GTA Ontario can service and repair storefront, automatic, metal, herculite, handicap and emergency doors. Give us a call.

    Emergency Board Up Services

    We Are Capable of Assisting You with Glass Board Up, Great service! Express Glass & Board Up provides 24-hour emergency board up services in homes throughout the GTA Ontario area.
    Door Installation Company in Mississauga

    Door frame Repair & Installation

    Door Replacement and Installation. The Commercial Door Repair Ontario, also provide a locks replacement for any type off door and install doors 24/7. Aluminum Storefront Repair.
    Door Parts Company in the GTA

    Panic Bar Installation

    Exit Door Panic Bar Installation. Need to upgrade, repair or install new exit door push bar handles on your business exit doors?
    Door Closer Repair

    Door Closer Repair

    If your door closer isn't working, then customers cannot enter your business. At Commercial Door Repair Ontario, we repair & maintain them.
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    Magnet lock

    Magnet lock & electric strike lock repair & replacement Toronto Ontario. Any electric automatic lock door repair